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I believe that
we can achieve anything

If there is a desire and
the willingness to work hard for it

As many of you already know that I have had an illustrious political career spanning over 15 years including 2 terms as a Member of Parliament and as State Minister for Home Affairs in the Government of Bangladesh. Throughout this journey I have had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. This experience has taught me a valuable lesson and I came to the realization that at the core of society, cultures and a country are it’s people and the overall prosperity of a nation relies on the health, well-being and quality of life of its citizens. At the very core of it all is good health, both mental and physical, which can be attained by following a healthy lifestyle.

I have always believed that no matter what station in life we occupy, we can contribute something positive for society and humanity as a whole. And from this belief I have already created a reality TV show called “Hotline Commando” which deals with different social issues/problems.

Personally, ever since I was a young man growing up, I have always followed a healthy, active lifestyle and experienced great benefits from it. Now, I would like to share my years of experience and extensive knowledge in fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle with others. My goal, through my small contribution in this arena, is to be a cog in the wheel of the next revolution- the health revolution.

tanjim Sohel Taj



Gym Facilities

State of the art, highest quality equipments
Full range Gym with Free Weights ( Olympic)
Variety of Cardio / Aerobics machines/Equipments
Separate locker rooms with showers and steam room

Diet & Training

Diet, nutrition & supplementation planning
Individual Personal & Group Training
Professional Trainers

All training protocols and diet/nutrition guidelines will be supervised by Sohel Taj.



day saturday sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday
Time 6am-11pm 6am-11pm 6am-11pm 6am-11pm 6am-11pm 6am-11pm 6am-12pm

(Except “ladies only hours” all other time will be co-ed/ mixed)

Ladies only hours

day saturday sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday
Time 10am-01pm 10am-01pm 10am-01pm 10am-01pm 10am-01pm 10am-01pm Closed

Membership plan

Single Membership

duration regular price Promo/intro price
Weekly BDT. 4000 BDT. 1k off 3000
Monthly BDT. 8000 BDT. 2k off 6000
3 Month BDT. 21000 BDT. 4k off 17000
6 Month BDT. 38000 BDT. 10k off 28000
1 Year BDT. 70000 BDT. 20k off 50000

Note: Prices do not include VAT

Couples Membership

duration regular price Promo/intro price
3 Month BDT. 40000 BDT. 8k off 32000
6 Month BDT. 72000 BDT. 20k off 52000
1 Year BDT. 120000 BDT. 30k off 90000

Note: Prices do not include VAT

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